Curriculum  Vita



  Wallace Stegner Fellowship

  Poetry, 2013-present

  Stanford University, Stanford CA


  Purdue University, Lafayette, IN

  M.F.A in Creative Writing, Poetry, May 2013

  Thesis Advisor: Marianne Boruch


  Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

  B.A. cum laude in English, May 2008

  B.A. in French Studies, May 2008


  Centre Baobab, Dakar, Senegal

  Sub-Saharan Francophone Area Study; Dakar, Senegal Spring 2006


 Teaching Experience


  Athens Academy


   Writing Center Director, 2016-present


  Stanford university


   CNF 48: Writing the Real World: Introduction to Creative Non-fiction, Stanford    

   Continuing  Studies Online (Winter 2016)


   Ten Premodern Poems by Women, Stanford Online (Spring 2015)

   Guest speaker, forum moderator


   ENG 292: Levinthal Tutorials

   Nonfiction, Winter 2014 & 2015; Poetry (Winter 2015)


   BIO 196: The Senior Reflection, Capstone Course (Spring 2014)


   SHA CW: Creative Writing, Stanford University, Honors Academy Pre-Collegiate                   Institute, United World College, Dover Campus, Singapore (Summer 2014 Grades 6-7


   BKK CW: Creative Writing, Stanford University, Honors Academy Pre-Collegiate

   Institute, Shrewsbury International School (Summer 2015) Grades 4-5                                  


   The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis MN

    Writing Joy, Writing Sorrow, Online (Winter 2016)


   Purdue University, Lafayette IN

   ENGL 106: Introduction to Composition (4 sections: Fall 2010-Spring 2013)


   ENGL 106: Introduction to Composition for Biology majors (Fall 2012)


   ENGL 205: Introduction to Creative Writing (3 Sections: Fall 2011- Spring 2013)


   Portland French School, Portland OR (September 2006-May 2007)

   Teacher's Assistant


 Editorial and Publishing Experience


 Blog Editor, Sycamore Review Site, 2012-Spring 2013

 Solicited, selected, edited and created content for the Sycamore blog, including reviews,      commentary and photographs.


 Sycamore Review Editorial Assistant, Poetry Reader, 2010-2013  

 Evaluated submissions, made annotated recommendations to the editors on a weekly basis


 Tin House magazine Intern, Spring 2009

 Performed office and minor editorial duties, facilitated the move to the online-only submissions  manager, organized submissions and responded to  authors, attended weekly editorial meetings,  trained incoming interns.


 Tin House magazine Poetry and Fiction Reader, May 2009-August 2010

 Evaluated and commented on both paper and online submissions, made recommendations to the  editors.


 Write Around Portland Anthology, Oct. 2007-May 2008

 Participated in committee editing, anthology production, and facilitated in organizing the  community reading event.


 Lewis and Clark Literary Review Co-Editor Fall, 2007-Spring 2008

 Solicited submissions, organized and facilitated board meetings, made final content selection  and designed the journal, including cover art and  layout (using  Indesign).






 "Taxonomy" Kenyon Review (forthcoming) 

 "This world, its weather" Gulf Coast (forthcoming)

 "The New Trees," "Spasm" West Branch (forthcomng)

 “The Bathroom Wall Says Women” Narrative Magazine (Spring 2015)

 “Taxonomy of Divination,” “Long Division,” “Punctuation,” “The Family Lives on a Farm” Connotation Press (Winter 2014)

“The Birds Eat the Apples,” “The Beach was a Giant Field” Better Magazine (Winter 2014)

 “To Leave Through a Wall,” “Hurricane 1989” “Why is it the More” Ploughshares (Winter 2014)

 “Fill in the Blank,” “Hand-Sized Explosions” Mid-American Review, (Spring 2014)

 “Weather,” “Safe,” “Remedy” Colorado Review (Summer 2014)

 “Poem with a Forklift in it” Day One (February 2014)

 “Ruth,” “Weird Prayers,” “Outside Pasco” Blackbird (Fall, 2014)

 “Comfort” Gulf Coast (Spring 2014)

 “Don’t Think Nature Can’t” The Journal (Spring 2014)

 “Wasps” Cincinnati Review (Fall 2013)

 “New Evidence of Water” Pleiades (Winter 2013)

 “In the Country, I Found a Knit of Branches,” “The Summer, The Collies” AGNI (Fall, 2013)

 “Love Poem” Indiana Review (Spring 2014)

 “Re: Grand Theft Auto 2” Tin House (fall 2013)

 “Excavations” The Burnside Review (Spring 2013)

 “Samson” Prairie Schooner (Summer 2013)

 “Self Portrait with Scratch Ticket” FIELD (Spring, 2013)

 “Northbound” The Normal School (Spring 2013)

 “Anatomy of Las Vegas” DIAGRAM (Fall 2012)

 “Equinox Poem” Salt Hill (Spring 2013)

 “Instar and Eclose,” “Sunday Evening Meeting for Worship...”32 Poems (Fall 2012)

 “Spring Formal” The Believer (March/April 2013)

 “Conversations with the Phosphene Spirit” Hayden's Ferry Review (Fall 2012)

 “Knecht with Nature” Boston Review (May 2012)

 “Canvases” Stirring: A Literary Collection  (Sept. 2009)            


 Creative Non-Fiction


 "Awp 2014 Journals" The Believer online (Spring 2014) 

 "Sidney" AGNI Online (Winter 2014) 

 “Jupiter” Bayou (Spring 2013)



 “Diorama with Dead Brother: Constructing Elegy in Mayakovky's Revolver”

 Sycamore Review (Winter 2012)

 “Who Reads My Submission? Questions and Reflections From A Young Reader in The Poetry  Factory” Sycamore Review (Oct. 2012 online)

 “Beyond Pheromones: A Review of Katherine Larson's Radial Symmetry,” Sycamore Review (Spring  2011)



 “Instar and Eclose,” “Sunday Evening Meeting...” “Knecht w/ Nature,” in Gathered: Contemporary  Quaker Poets, edited by Nick McRae (Sundress  Publications, 2013)



 “Making & Breaking,” Berkeley-Stanford Conference, Stanford University, 2015

 Bazaar Writers Salon, Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco CA, 2014

 “Staff Reading” Bread Loaf Writers Conference, Ripton VT, 2014

 “A Reading By Stegner Fellow, Rosalie Moffett” introduced by Solmaz Sharif

 Stanford University, Stanford CA, Feb. 2014

 “Middle of Everywhere Reading” Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Nov.2012

 “Discovery Prize Reading” Unterberg Poetry Center, 92nd St. Y, introduced by Lisa      Russ Spaar,  New York, NY, May 2012

 “Writer's Harvest” Purdue University, Lafayette, IN. Oct. 2011


 Fellowships, Awards & Distinctions 


 Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest winner, Poetry, 2014

 Narrative Magazine’s 30 Below Contest finalist, Poetry 2015

 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Work-Study Scholarship, 2014-2016

 Editor’s Prize, Pleiades, 2014

 Colorado Review 1st Book Prize, finalist 2014

 Alice James Press, 1st Book Prize, finalist 2014

 Best New Poets Anthology Nomination, Pleiades, 2014

 Wallace Stegner Fellowship, Stanford University 2013-2015

 Best New Poets Anthology Nomination, The Believer, 2013

 Best New Poets Anthology Nomination, 32 Poems, 2013

 Pushcart Prize Nomination, 32 Poems, 2013

 AWP Intro. Award Nomination, Purdue 2012

 “Discovery”/ Boston Review (formerly The Nation) Award for Emerging Poets, 2012

 Quintillian Award for Teaching Excellence, (top 10% of teaching evaluations) Purdue University 2012

 Kneale Award (1st and 2nd place), Purdue University, 2012

 Tom Andrews Clapping Award, (honorable mention) Purdue University, 2012

 AWP Intro. Award Nomination, Purdue 2011

 Tin House Writer's Workshop Scholarship, Summer 2011

 “Creative Expressions Grant” Student Academic Affairs Board, Lewis & Clark College 2007


 Foreign Language Skills



 Able to speak, read, and write competently; interested in translation.


 Professional Experience


 Peoples Food Cooperative


 Manager and In-Staff Facilitator, Portland OR 2008-2010:    

 Facilitated collective meetings of 30-40 people using the consensus method to decide matters of business and management.







© 2013 by Rosalie Moffett

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