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“Such a disturbing and solacing book! These poems startle, charm, deepen. Rosalie Moffett makes it a point not to know it all, but, trust me, she knows plenty, taking prisoner after prisoner only to release them again to the outer space of wonder and selflessness, sanity and grief.  These are poems we need in our age of terrible troubles.”
Marianne Boruch, author of CadaverSpeak and Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing 
 "Like a series of nesting dolls, these poems submerge us into the central core of mind and body, ‘the mercy of the interior’ where loss can be reconciled with love.” --D. A. Powell, author of Useless Landscape
"June in Eden is melodic and clear, centering on loss, loneliness, and the inscrutabilities of the world around. Moffett’s voice is one of veracity and authenticity."  --Kristen A. Elias Rowley of The Ohio State University Press
"[E]ssential to Moffett’s poetics is a wild decadence in their execution, with every line blooming out some unexpected sound or image, so that the book takes on the aesthetics of a garden that has been a little lost, a little overgrown, one full of surprises you might bite into it or pluck to twirl around in your fingers for awhile."
--Kathryn Nuernberger, The Kenyon Review
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“Rosalie Moffet’s tender and brilliant poems constitute a ‘fractal / of receptacles’ where we can more deeply perceive the strangeness of language, its many mirrors and doors, hazards and possibilities. Her wide-ranging knowledge—of anatomy, animals, botany, and much, much more—shapes her highly original imagination as she struggles to understand the ways we are ‘at the mercy of the interior.’ June in Eden offers a vision of how such struggle can transform our shared condition into something infinitely more lustrous and merciful.”
--Mary Szybist, author of Incarnadine 
(winner of the 2013 National Book Award for Poetry) 
"June in Eden is breathtakingly musical (in a sharp, organic way), its central subjects (fracture, loss, separation, loneliness, and the mysteries of both the modern rural and urban worlds) are so well developed/resonant, and the voice of this poet brims with truth and surprise. Can you tell I love this book?"
--Marcus Jackson, Wheeler Prize Judge 

"In Moffett’s debut collection June in Eden, language is both a playful muse and a painful reminder of loss, a weapon and its own elusive prey." 
--David Nilsen, The Adroit Journal 

"Moffett’s work is technically masterful and intellectually challenging—and if it takes us to the brink of a world continually unmaking itself, there is a certain exhilaration in skating along that perilous edge."
--Catherine A. Rogers, The Georgia Review



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