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"Hysterosalpingography" (Poetry Daily)

"Will" (Poetry Northwest)

"Writer's Notebook" (New England Review)

"Hysterosalpingography" (New England Review

"A Prophecy is Nothing" (Narrative Magazine) 

"Resolution" (Narrative Magazine, Poem of the Week)

"On Long Poems: Four Recent Books Make Length A Virtue" [Review by Stephanie Burt] (The Yale Review)  

Four Poems (Four Way Review

Interview (Four Way Review

"Ode to Casting a Vote" (Poetry Northwest)

"Of Synapses and Spiders" [Review of Nervous System by Mason Wray] (New Letters)  

Out Of Silences: On Nervous System by Rosalie Moffett [Review by Lisa 

Russ Spaar] (On the Seawall

"Behind the Byline" [Interview by Quinn Lewis] (New England Review)

"Poetry In Our Time: A Conversation with Rosalie Moffett" [Interview by Matthew Graham] (Indiana Humanities)

"My Body Is a Holler"(Dis)embodiment and Landscape in... Rosalie Moffett's Nervous System [Review by Julia Bouwsma] (Poetry Northwest)

"Giving Away The Dental Hygienist's Idea for a Patent" [ 2019 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize Winner] (Georgia Review

"A Conversation with Rosalie Moffett" [interview by Ryan Teitman] 

(The Adroit Journal

"Petty Theft" (New England Review)

Nervous System named New & Noteworthy by the New York Times

Review of Nervous System (Booklist)

“Irene O’Garden in Conversation with Rosalie Moffett” (Authors on the Air Radio:)

In Their Own Words (Poetry Society of America

Must Read Poetry, October (The Millions)  

 Review of Nervous System (Library Journal) 

Review of Nervous System (New York Journal of Books) 

Starred Review of Nervous System (Publisher's Weekly) 

Publisher's Weekly lists Nervous System as a Top 10 Fall Release

Nervous System (The Offing)

Katherine A. Rogers Reviews June in Eden (The Georgia Review)

Nervous System (Beloit Poetry Journal)

David Nilsen Reviews June in Eden (The Adroit Journal)

"Alters and Alters" (32 Poems Marginalia)

Kathryn Nuernberger Reviews June In Eden (Kenyon Review)

Kirkus quotes me in "Quips on our Radar"

Nervous System (Iowa Review Online) 

The Rumpus poetry book club chat

Katy Didden lists June in Eden in her "Most Anticipated Books of 2017"

June in Eden listed as NewPages Editor's Pick

 Matt Morton reviews June in Eden for 32 Poems

The New Trees (Verse Daily, West Branch) 

The Way It Works (Poetry Daily, Indiana Review)

Three Poems (Colorado Review)
The bathroom wall says women (Narrative Magazine
Three poems (Blackbird)
Three poems (Ploughshares)
New Evidence of Water (Pleiades Editors' Prize winner) 
Four Poems (Connotation Press
Sidney (AGNI Online) 
AWP 2014 Journals (The Believer
Knecht with Nature 765-588-1130 (Boston Review)
Spring Formal (The Believer
Anatomy of Las Vegas ​(DIAGRAM)
Instar and Eclose (32 Poems)
Samson (Prairie Schooner)
Two poems (Matter: Political Poetry and Commentary)
What Heart-Rifle Hybrids Have to Teach Us: Marginalia(32 Poems)
Experiences Include A Scintillating and Ever-Changing and Deforming Light Grid with Occasional Dark Spots (Hayden's Ferry Review)
Who reads my submission? Questions and Reflections from a Young Reader in the Poetry Factory (Sycamore Review) 



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